It is probably the most professional studio in town.
We offer the highest standards of quality.
Competitive quotes.
High quality services.
Personalised budgets.
We always meet the deadline.

  • Digital Capture, CD-R, DVD-R and FTP.
  • Flash, ringflash, fresnel lens,
    light bar, continues light, HMI light, fluorescent light, outdoors battery generators,...
    as well as reflectors, fog machines, wind machines, etc.

Loft studio with cyclorama.

  • Phase One 645 DF+, Phase One IQ180
  • Sinar P2 and Flex Adapter and Canon EOS 5Ds
  • A whole department in charge of high quality digital treatment
  • Advice, ideas, creativity

  • Casting of models, extras and actors
  • Make-up artists, hairdressers, fashion stylists, home economist, decoration, etc.
  • Props masters and all kinds of props.
  • Photographic Stock

... everything you could ever imagine and more.